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We offer three (3) types of consultations:

    1. Initial Evaluation (15 Min) (No Charge)
      • Here, you will know whether or not NeboLaw can provide services to help you and whether or not we would be able and willing to take you as a client. We may request additional off-line time to review documents or research in order to determine whether or not our firm would be a good fit for your matter.
    2. Consultation (1 Hour) (Via Telephone)
      • This option provides you with a well-rounded understanding of your options and strategies, based on the particular facts of your situation. We will talk about your business, or the problem you are seeking to resolve, and what avenues and strategies will move you further in the direction of accomplishing those aims.
    3. Consultation (1 Hour) (In-Office)
      • This is the same as the telephone consultation, but with face-to-face interaction with a firm attorney.
  • Come in with questions
    • The duration of the consultation is limited, therefore, having questions already prepared allows you to gain the most information during your consultation.
  • You will be asked questions
    • Be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding your legal matter.
  • Expect the attorney to interrupt you
    • When you are speaking, the attorney will likely interrupt you, not to be rude, but to gain additional information on the particular statement you’re making at the time.
  • Decide if you want to work with our firm
    • You will decide if you want to work with our firm and the attorney will let you know whether we are willing to take your case.
  • Outline the scope of the work
    • If we agree to work together, your attorney will outline the scope of work to be completed regarding your legal matter.
  • Know the cost of pursuing your case
    • During the conclusion of your consultation, the attorney will likely advise you of the fee structure and payment schedule. Under certain circumstances, we may need to perform additional research or gather additional information before providing you with a quote for services.