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Just This ONE Thing

For small business owners, the balance between working in the business versus working on the business can be a difficult one to strike. Handling those matters that are important, but aren’t urgent, for the business can result in a focus on the wrong things – things that will keep you operating on a small scale, as opposed to the larger scale to which you aspire. We often find ourselves putting out fires or addressing short-term issues, instead of focusing on taking actions that will result in the long-term growth and profitability of the business.

The list of things we need do for our business can be overwhelming at times. And paralyzing. When faced with major decisions like human resource changes, long-term marketing plans, and operational policies and procedures, the time and effort required to address these matters can seem daunting. So . . . we do nothing. We continue to run the business, not taking the time in the short-term to make the decision or set up a system that would result in the best results down the road.

Just This One Thing (“JTOT”) is a series that will help current and aspiring business owners tackle many of the critical business matters that keep a business owner from making significant progress. The point is this: if you do just this one thing this week, by the end of the year, you will have taken some very important steps toward both building a thriving business and protecting what you’ve built.

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