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You have your reasons for wanting to sell your business. Perhaps you’re eager to move on to another business venture and want to dedicate more of your time and resources to that. Maybe you’ve toiled tirelessly in the business and are looking forward to a enjoying the fruits of your labor in an oceanside villa. Whatever your motivations, selling your business is a very important decision that requires preparation, strategic planning, and solid decision-making.

Disposing of your business is a step that should be taken with professional advisors on your side. In addition to an accountant, your attorney is a critical part of your team.

We Can Help You

  • Sell your business, while remaining a part of the business team
  • Sell a portion of your business
  • Transition to management of your business

How We Provide Support

  • Review and supplement business legal records and documentation in preparation of the sale
  • Structuring the deal in a manner that meets your desired aims
  • Advise you as to whether or not you should engage a business broker or mergers & acquisition consultant
  • Prepare non-disclosure agreements for use with potential buyers
  • Crafting of purchase agreement
  • Direct Negotiation with the Buyer’s legal counsel on your behalf
  • Counsel on seller financing options
  • Perform closing on business loans (including Small Business Association [SBA] loans)
  • Conduct real estate closing on real estate purchased in connection with the transaction
  • Structuring of earn-out provisions
  • Prepare and advise on post-closing non-compete agreements
  • Escrow agent services for the proper disbursement of transaction funds

If you’re interested in selling a small business, we can guide and support you through the process from beginning to end.