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The starting of a business is just that – a start. The true challenge is in nurturing and developing what you’ve created into a thriving, sustainable enterprise that meets the needs of the market as well as you, the owner. In order to successfully grow your business, you’ll need to:

✓ Consistently meet the needs of your customers in a rapidly changing marketplace
✓ Create and sustain a business model that keeps your business profitable
✓ Protect the business from catastrophic losses

In order to consistently meet customer needs, sustain profitability, and protect the business, it is essential that your system for day-to-day operations is intact. Do your written agreements with customers provide clear payment provisions and statements as to what each party’s responsibilities? Do you even had written agreements in place with your customers? Do you have non-compete agreements in place with your most skilled and valued employees?

We Can Help You

  • Streamline your business for increased profitability and protection
  • Gain confidence that you’re properly protecting your business
  • Create written agreements that protect your most critical business relationships
  • Help you structure your operations so that you get paid
  • Be a member of your business team by servicing as your company’s general counsel

How We Provide Support

  • Be available to review contracts prior to you signing them
  • Negotiate agreements on your behalf
  • Be listed as a part of your operations team on government contract bids and proposals
  • Send out letter and e-mail correspondences in a timely fashion to vendors, employees, and other partners
  • Reorganize business entities

If you’re interested in growing your small business, we can support you through that process.