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Buying a business is a fast way to become a business owner overnight. And it can have great benefits –established clients, documented revenues, and assets worth purchasing. Buying a business also means that you’re not starting from scratch in your entrepreneurial venture.

Buying a business is not as easy as writing a check to the seller and receiving the keys. A business acquisition is a transaction that involves many risks and decisions that can impact your business and personal life for many years to come.

As the axiom goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. You need an experienced attorney. In entering in a purchase transaction, you may not be aware of those matters that need to be addressed in order to protect your interests in both the short and long term. There are nuances in these transactions that we, as legal professionals, are trained and experienced in recognizing and addressing for your benefit.

We Can Help You

  • Buy an existing franchise
  • Buy an existing store
  • Buy into a partnership or existing company

How We Provide Support

  • Legal due diligence on the business (existing contracts, vendor agreements, accounts receivable)
  • Review and analysis of legal, operational, and financial risks associated with the business
  • Advice on and development of purchase strategy
  • Crafting of purchase agreement
  • Direct Negotiation with the Seller’s legal counsel on your behalf
  • Counsel on financing options
  • Perform closing on business loans (including Small Business Association [SBA] loans)
  • Form purchasing entity(ies)
  • Prepare lease or review leases for business location
  • Conduct real estate closing on real estate purchased in connection with the transaction
  • Negotiate and draft non-compete agreements, employment agreements, compensation agreements, and the like
  • Escrow agent services for the proper disbursement of transaction funds

If you’re interested in buying a small business, we can guide and support you through the process from beginning to end.