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Whether you operate your business out of your home, in a space that you lease, or a location that you own, you must ensure that your space is protected. Do you have the proper permits to operate your home-based business? Are you protected from being removed from your location? When negotiating real estate transactions, tenants and buyers often do not realize that many of the terms are negotiable. Many people also often do not think to negotiate terms that will give them flexibility as the business grows and changes.

We Can Help You

  • Secure space in which to house your business
  • Structure a transaction that will accommodate the growth of your business
  • Assist you in acquiring property that will actually serve as an asset

How We Provide Support

  • Advise and guide you through the process of obtaining the proper permits for your business space
  • Negotiate your commercial lease for office, retail, or industrial space
  • Perform closing services in connection with real estate loans (including Small Business Association [SBA] loans)
  • Negotiate your purchase and sale transaction, including the drafting of purchase documents
  • Provide strategic counsel on how to best acquire or dispose of property interests
  • Analyze the title history of a property you own, or in which you have an interest, to identify and solve any title matters
  • Draft real estate documents (e.g., deeds, leases, options, easements)