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We are NeboLaw, a business and real estate law firm and advisory center focused on addressing the needs of entrepreneurs. We help our clients successfully buy, sell and operate small businesses. Our approach intertwines the law with good business sense. We offer practical legal advice with an eye on identifying solutions that are in your long-term best interests. At NeboLaw, we help entrepreneurs bring their vision to fruition. We then help them grow their business and, ultimately, protect what they’ve built.


Entrepreneurship is not just about money. It is about flexibility, freedom and lifestyle design. It is about being in control of what you build and the legacy you leave. NeboLaw provides services to the marketplace – helping visionaries scale their abilities, gifts, and passions to create the life, not just the income, that they desire.


The Nebo Law Firm LLC opened in downtown Atlanta in 2007. The firm was founded and is managed by, Tanya Nebo, an attorney and business consultant who provides legal expertise and counsel to those who buy, sell and operate small businesses and franchises. A graduate of Columbia University in New York and the University of Virginia School of Law, Tanya began her legal career in commercial real estate, and has evolved her practice to include corporate, franchise, and a range of additional industries.  While practicing law with the law firm of Holland & Knight, LLP, she focused on commercial transactional work, including office leasing and telecommunications site leasing for the largest cellular network in the United States. As the managing partner of the Nebo Law Firm, LLC, Tanya’s practice focuses on serving small business owners in areas of law that include corporate, franchise, and real estate. Tanya provides legal services to a range of different entities, including companies and individuals in the entertainment, medical, construction, and real estate investment industries.

Tanya is a member of the Board of Directors of the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Association of Business Brokers. Tanya has also served as an Adjunct Professor for Rasmussen College. She has recently made appearances on the Cobb Legal Experts radio show and the Atlanta Legal Experts radio show, in addition to being featured in Atlanta’s People You Need to Know Magazine.


We believe that it is important for our clients to keep us integrated in their business. That is why it is our preference to charge Fixed Rates for our services. This allows our clients to know what to expect in terms of fees. When clients don’t have to be concerned about the cost associated with every e-mail or phone call, they are more likely to reach out to us with questions or concerns. This helps us protect our clients from potential issues and also helps us remain an integrated member of their team. When clients keep us in the loop, we can do our job even better. 

We charge on an hourly basis when it is the client’s preference that we do so and in those situations in which the time commitment associated with the matter is too difficult to estimate.